Lead Life Institute's founder, Mary Lou Décosterd is the author of two leadership books and one children's book.

  Right Brain/Left Brain Leadership
  Right Brain-Left Brain Leadership
  Right Brain/Left Brain President
Right Brain-Left Brain Leadership

Magical Max Book Series
A child development product for our leaders of tomorrow.

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Our offerings are designed to help executives and organizations reach next-level success and sustain that success over time.

The Executive Suite:

Initiatives for executives, teams and organizations

Helping executives and their teams excel in today’s demanding business climate. 

  • Executive Coaching – The Lead Life Institute provides individual executive coaching for mid to upper level executives aligned with and in support of performance measures and development goals. What distinguishes us are the innovative approaches we employ, drawing from and integrating broad-based expertise in business, organizational development, learning, psychology, and health. Our clients include profit and nonprofit businesses, government organizations and entrepreneurs.
    Coaching content areas include:
    • Leadership excellence – the use and application of full spectrum leadership models and skill sets.
    Cultural transformation and alignment – now to create unified
    operating cultures and drive teams to desired states.
    • Powerful image/speaking – how to leverage a range of influencing and communication skills for maximum impact up, down and across the organization.
    Attitude and motivation – how to develop and maintain the optimal mind-set for success.
    Stress management – energy activation and recovery techniques for high stress environments.
    • Effective decision making – applying broad-based decision-making strategies to solve complex organizational challenges.
    Health and life habits – assessing and improving one’s wellness in the context of current roles, responsibilities and demands.
  • Leadership Development – Drawing from broad-spectrum leadership experience and expertise, we custom design leadership experiences for individuals and/or teams around engaging people, executing organizational strategies and reaching goals.
  • Women’s Executive Development – Lead Life WELL – Women’s Effectiveness in Leadership and Life (download pdf)
  • Team Excellence – TEA OFF – Team Alignment and Excellence Offerings: Customized offerings to drive excellence and alignment in your teams
  • Training Design –Customized training design in 20 areas of subject matter expertise (see detail)
  • Training Delivery – Expert facilitation for small and large group audiences
  • Individual and Organizational Assessments – We administer and analyze a broad range of existing personality, leadership, wellness, and team assessment tools and surveys. In addition, we can custom design assessments and employee surveys for your organization’s needs.

Work/Life Success Seminars – Short courses for all size work groups and for the general public, covering the following topics:

  • Energy recovery, energy rejuvenation, ergonomics and relaxation
  • Power and power strategies
  • Managing change
  • Mental clarity
  • Work/life balance
  • Health and resilience

For seminar schedules/locations or to arrange for a special session for your group or organization, contact us.

Growth Model:
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Outcomes of Our Work
Leadership Development for Women Leaders  

Leadership Seminar (93K pdf)
Unique Offering Designed by Women Leaders for Women Leaders

Women and Power Seminar
Enhance your Impact and Scope of Influence

Women's Personal Best Seminar
Maximize Your Personal and Professional Impact and Fulfillment

Keynote Address
An Evolution of Influence: Women, Leadership and Life

How Women Are Transforming Leadership

How Women Are Transforming Leadership Book Cover








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