Lead Life Institute's founder, Mary Lou Décosterd is the author of two leadership books and one children's book.

f Right Brain/Left Brain Leadership
  Right Brain-Left Brain Leadership
  Right Brain/Left Brain President
Right Brain-Left Brain Leadership

Magical Max Book Series
A child development product for our leaders of tomorrow.

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Client Associations

The Lead Life Institute faculty have worked or consulted for a broad range of organizations in diverse profit and non-profit industries. Industries we have worked or consulted for on the profit side include:

  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Child safety
  • Telecommunications
  • Foods
  • Flavors and fragrances
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Computer technologies
  • Testing/learning

On the non-profit side we have worked or consulted for:

  • Hospitals
  • Municipal governments
  • The U.S. military
  • Colleges and universities
  • Human services organizations
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Leadership Development for Women Leaders  

Leadership Seminar (93K pdf)
Unique Offering Designed by Women Leaders for Women Leaders

Women and Power Seminar
Enhance your Impact and Scope of Influence

Women's Personal Best Seminar
Maximize Your Personal and Professional Impact and Fulfillment

Keynote Address
An Evolution of Influence: Women, Leadership and Life

How Women Are Transforming Leadership

How Women Are Transforming Leadership Book Cover








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