Lead Life Institute's founder, Mary Lou Décosterd is the author of two leadership books and one children's book.

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National Association of Women Award WinnerDr. Décosterd is founder and managing executive of the Lead Life Institute, a leadership psychology consultancy offering programs and services to help executives, teams and organizations become their best. Dr. Décosterd has 25 years of experience in organizational development, applied psychology and university teaching and is the author of three leadership books - Right Brain Left Brain Leadership: Shifting Style for Maximum Impact and Right Brain Left Brain President: Barack Obama’s Uncommon Leadership Ability and How We Can Each Develop It and How Women are Transforming Leadership: Four Key Traits That Power Success.

Dr. Décosterd has also written and published a children’s book entitled Magical Max Makes Friends. Her Magical Max book is philanthropic, aimed at supporting the character development of young readers and getting books to children in need.

Mary Lou DécosterdDr. Décosterd is adept at assessing individual and organizational needs and obtaining results. She works as a seasoned executive coach to leaders and leadership teams, and as a facilitator, speaker, trainer, and training designer for organizations. Areas of expertise include leadership development, implementation and execution, cultural and team development and alignment, strategic change leadership, wellness, and work/life integration.

Prior to founding the Lead Life Institute, Dr. Décosterd was a partner at a Chicago-headquartered international consulting firm, and before working there, she had her own consulting practice, was a tenured university professor, and held high-level leadership positions in education and the nonprofit sector.

Dr. Décosterd has lived and worked in the U.S. and abroad. She is a graduate of the University of Hartford, the University of Oklahoma, and the Fielding Institute. She holds a BA in Psychology, master’s degrees in Educational Psychology, Organizational Development and Clinical Psychology, post-master’s certification in Community Psychology, and a PhD in Human Development. She has been recognized by Who’s Who in Teaching, Outstanding Women of America and most recently by the National Association of Professional Women where she was recognized as Woman of the Year, State of Pennsylvania for contribution in the area of Leadership Development.


Excerpted presentation by author Dr. Mary Lou Décosterd speaking to a corporate audience about her newest book, "How Women Are Transforming Leadership: Four Key Traits Powering Success."

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